Labor and union law

The CTM firm’s professionals are involved in providing legal, managerial and strategic assistance in the interests of leading Italian and foreign companies in order to assist corporate governing bodies in the day-to-day management (including prospectively) of all aspects and problems related to labor relations, both subordinate and para-subordinate and self-employed, as well as in the prevention and resolution of individual and collective conflicts.

In particular, advice is provided to companies, regarding:

  • All matters pertaining to the employment relationship, from the negotiation phase of the contract to advice regarding its performance and termination ( drafting of employment contracts, notices of changes in contractual conditions, changes in duties, transfers of business, collective dismissals, disciplinary proceedings , stability and non-competition pacts, illnesses and accidents at work);
  • legal opinions regarding the interpretation and correct application of labor legislation and Applicable Collective Agreement;
  • legal support to the Human Resources function with regulatory updates on labor law;
  • management of labor relations, and participation in second-level contract negotiations;
  • preparation, review and implementation of company policies, regulations and procedures (smart working, company endowments, code of conduct absences, etc.);
  • negotiation and management of disputes and litigation in labor and employment matters (drafting of documents and participation in hearings) as well as assistance in arbitration and union proceedings;
  • negotiation and amicable settlement of disputes and consequent fulfillment;
  • interaction with social security and welfare agencies and opposition to INPS, INAIL tax bills;
  • drafting of procurement and external collaboration contracts.
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